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Trees provide security and comfort in the form of shade and aesthetic value to any property. More importantly, it is a source of oxygen for humans. Trees and their unique characteristics can be enjoyed right through the year.

Although sometimes, Mother Nature greets us with a challenge, whereby one might require emergency tree care and removal services. Read further to discover the two main reasons why the services of a certified Arborist might be needed.

Storm Damage
True of any environmental factors is the saying that in some cases, it can be unpredictable. Storms itself can arise at any point in time. Their effects can also range in severity, and it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the required maintenance is up to date at all times.

An older or weak tree might pose a severe threat to the property itself. This includes elements like a mighty wind or piling snow that might be too heavy in weight for the tree to withstand, given its condition.

Safety and Security Risks
Emergency Tree Care Services may be called upon in the eventuality of an accident or incident where damage may already have been caused, such as a massive branch that has landed on the roof of a car or a house.

However, another instance that might be prevalent is for preventative reasons, to impair any looming safety threat.

If you notice any signs to this effect, don’t delay and deploy the services of Montgomery Tree Service immediately. We are on standby to assist with your questions and concerns, and we can also be commissioned to visit the property in a consultative capacity. We will advise on the best way forward.

Illness and Other Diseases
There are many reasons at play that can cause diseases and other clinical illnesses in trees. Some of these reasons include:

  • Biological factors - This implies normal wear and tear.
  • Fungi caused by falling leaves that then spread in Spring and Summer.
  • Cold and frost damage that causes bacterial infections.
  • Lack of proper drainage surrounding the tree and its roots.

Post Heavy Rains (non-storm conditions)
Many components can add to the perfect conditions for soil erosion. The heavy onset of rain can provide a common catalyst in contributing to this natural occurrence.

The heavy downpours can wash away the soil that the trees use as a support mechanism for their roots. This harms the root system. Take the time to self-inspect the property after each such session to survey any possible damage.

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