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Most people think that cutting a tree is heavy grafting. However, compared to stump tree removal, cutting a tree often times is a walk in the park.

Stump tree removal is labor-intensive and time-consuming. This is one of the services that is not included as a given into a general tree removal quotation. It is also one of the key reasons that you might note that many people have a stump in their yard and make use of an array of creative measures to disguise it or put it to other use.

It is not a simple, straightforward task, but not an impossible feat either. When you get Montgomery Tree Service in to do the job, you can rest assured that the applied techniques and best practice principles are at play in getting the job done right the first time. You can either let your stump be completely removed or let it be grinded.

There are many different reasons for wanting to remove a stump. Some of the reasons include:

Obscuring a great view
After a tree has been cut down, it leaves a blemish in your otherwise perfect garden. This is a major irritant for some homeowners. It is unavoidable, but other branches and unsightly items can grow from it, making the situation worse.

Space Restrictions
Many people feel that they want the largest open garden space possible. A tree stump, slap-bang in the middle, can make the appearance of the size of the landscape decrease, resulting in feelings of annoyance.

The stump is dangerous
The last thing that anyone wants is for shrubs, grass, and other plants to take over the tree stump and cover it up. Even though this is great, it means that the stump is not visible. This poses a risk for someone to trip and fall, or even animals getting hurt or a car getting scratched.

Of course, there is the option for you to do this yourself; however, it might be a daunting task to some, as you might not have the right equipment, nor feel like sacrificing your weekend to get this done begrudgingly.  Don’t worry, we at Tree Service Montgomery AL can help you with this.

We have a sequence and process that is followed, as per the rigorous training we receive before being deployed in the field to serve our customers.

A thorough assessment is done to see which one of the following solutions might be best suited to deal with the issue at hand:

  1. Removing the stump by hand if it is not too large or does not have a complex root system underneath the ground.
  2. Chemical stump removal is done by drilling holes in the stump and filling it with a potassium nitrate solution.
  3. The same method of potassium nitrate poisoning can be applied by burning the tree with the solution.
  4. The arborist might recommend that the best approach is to drill holes in the stump and fill it with a nitrogen-high fertilizer, subsequently rotting the tree bit by bit.

If you need your stump removed or grinded, call us today!

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